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The boy who never grew up.


Caleb spent the majority of his childhood playing inside cardboard boxes, fighting dragons and playing pretend in his backyard.  He developed the ability to dream big at an early age.  Now, he has made it his career.  


Graduating from one of the top 10 national art schools, Caleb immediately went to work forging his own way with a unique blend of magic, drama, and storytelling.  He married his high school sweetheart (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THEIR MAGICAL PROPOSAL VIDEO) and together, they now experience real magic through the eyes of their little boy, Levi.


Caleb travels across the nation sharing theatre and magic, and has brought amazement and laughter to millions (literally) of people throughout the country.

Check out Caleb's official merchandise in his brand new online store!  Free Shipping in the Continental US.

Catch Caleb in action at a live event in a city near you!  Click here to see his calendar of upcoming public events.

Follow Caleb for a behind-the-scenes look at new videos, life on the road, and first grabs at tickets to upcoming shows.

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